This will always be a side note, most sites have advertisements, i had a donation page, never received any but that's totally alright. i am now replacing the monetary donations with this at Amazon. This was decided on after much deliberation and i might even remove this page if it becomes a distraction from the main content. For now though i will put up a few items i would like but can't really afford for myself, i promise not to ask for anything major or make that a focus of mine as it is not. If you would like to give a tip of your hat to me with this that would be great as well though. What i'll do is write up something non-political for this, and go with what's listed. Again this is just a venture i thought would be fun and maybe get something good in return. This will of course never eclipse what i'm doing otherwise but if you have any desire to donate this might be a better way to do so

Juice blu ray
-My favourite rap album has got to be Tupac's All Eyez On Me, how good is that. Every rapper has a different style though and is great in their own way. Am a fan of many different music genre's so you might not think so but yes do like rap, in addition to most all other types, i tend to go by that if it's good music to me i'll listen regardless

Stereo MC's – Emperor's Nightingale
-Have always really liked this group, and this is an album that isn't even on spotify for whatever reason, it has many great reviews on Amazon and i look forward to in any way get to listen to this. Even though Tupac's All Eyez album is tops with me the album Connected is right up there with it as well

They Live blu ray
-Have been wanting this on blu ray for a long time now, definitely a must watch and must have in general, amazing movie by the great John Carpenter

Resident Evil two zeds t-shirt
-There are quite a few shirts i like of this videogame series and went with this one. i remember playing the first one and sequel of this fondly and am still a huge fan, they have many great games of these and i look to play them all in time

Metallica creeping death t-shirt
-My favourite metal group by far, i don't listen to a lot of this genre but these guys i do. Have never been to many concerts but in grade 9 i went to a Metallica one and it was amazing, i have a few live albums by them as well and they get a lot of play

     Well this might be kind of cool to have, this page, again it is a complete side note and i will not promote it much if at all although might update it sometimes, however if i get anything great like these from you they would be much enjoyed and cherished